• Alex

It's a BIG Difference between a Vacationer and a Traveler...

What Is Vacation?

When someone says to me, “Oouuu the next time you travel somewhere let me know, because I want to go with you”. I become a bit skeptical because my idea of TRAVELING and theirs may not be the same, which can result in me and my travel companion being dreadfully unhappy on the trip. I’ve always considered myself more of a traveler than a vacationer, so I try to be very thorough when describing a potential trip to someone. For instance, I view vacation as going somewhere with the intention of relaxing. In fact, relaxing on a sandy white beach, partying the weekend away in Miami, or taking a week-long trip to Disney World with the family all qualify as a vacation to me.

However, or wherever someone chooses to spend their vacation is fine with me, but I only view it as an opportunity to get away from the 9-5 routine and enjoy some time away. Personally, the only thing I don’t like about vacations is that I don’t learn anything. I never felt like vacations made me a better person, expanded my horizons, or gave me a new outlook on life. To me, vacations have always been filled with frivolous days consumed with me laying around, partying, eating good food, being intoxicated, and maybe doing an excursion or two.

Now, don’t get me wrong vacations are not in any way a bad thing. As a matter of fact, a lot of times I look forward to a 2 day liquored fueled trip to Miami, an adult-only resort, or a white sandy beach on the coast of Mexico. But unlike many, I recognize these activities for what they are. Resorts, cruises, and Air BnB home rentals are usually vacations. You can Instagram it, smack a filter on it, but that doesn't constitute it as travel.

What Is Travel?

So then what is travel? Well of course many may define travel as the act of going from one place to another.

However, I define travel as more of an exciting challenge. I’ve had so many different experiences while traveling the world and I must admit that sometimes travel isn’t easy. In fact, being a traveler means going somewhere unknown with the intent of discovering cultures, expanding your current understanding of the world, and even sometimes staying in less than satisfactory hotels or hostels. Traveling is definitely a challenge at times that can involve much exercise and sometimes even an upset stomach or diarrhea (This occasionally happens when the stomach is not use to certain seasonings or bacteria’s abroad). But after it’s all said and done this is the kind of adventure that leaves you with a lasting sense of awe. For the most part, the relaxing part of travel comes when the adventure is over and your laying in your bed one-night thinking about how dope of an experience you had sampling life on the other side of the world.

Now…before you choose a travel group or travel companion make sure YOU and your companion have the same interest, and insights. Some people have no interest to learn about culture, cuisine, and the history of a faraway land, and some have no interest in partying their time away at a resort. Although either option is great I think it is very important that both options be discussed so that no one feels mislead. In fact, I find that sometimes people don’t want to travel to certain regions based on false stereotypes. Many times when these myths are debunked or thoroughly explained people become more apt to take advantage of the opportunity to go somewhere new. Most of the time getting people to travel outside their comfort zone takes patience, education, while providing them with the certainty that they will be safe and secure while abroad.