• Alex

California Dreaming

I followed my heart and this time it took me to California. If you’ve never been before than GO. Find the Cheapest flight to Los Angeles, Grab your best friend, a cute swim suit, the shortest shorts you can find and hit the road. CALIFORNIA is one of the dreamiest places I’ve ever been (this is perhaps why all the movie stars live there). It puts me in the mindset of Miami but with a calmer tone. California is the type of place where it’s always a good time to do everything from Skiing in the mountains to, throwing an epic beach party because the weather is different in certain regions; in fact if your in the right area you can actually see snow capped mountains in the distance. People are always smiling (probably because every one is always High) and your chances of having a bad day are slim. Los Angeles is definitely the type of place that will immediately have you thinking, “Why do I continue to live in a Frozen Hell 9 months out of the year”. When I arrived in Los Angeles one of the first things I did was hit Santa Monica beach. On the beach you realize that most people who live in California aren’t from there. One of the second things you notice is that you want be able to walk 3 feet without someone trying to sell you high grade Medical Marijuana. The Marijuana business is booming in California In fact according to California brings in an estimated 59 – 109 million dollars in medical Marijuana revenue each year and this amount of money is just based off the 8.4% tax they attach to it. The weed has funny names too like: Jet-I Kush, Alien Rock Candy, Chunky Munky, AK-47, Buddha’s sister, Strawberry Cough, LOL the list goes on and on (My college stoner days are over though so I easily declined LOL!). California is also a very health conscious place, thus it’s not a big deal to order a cheeseburger without a bun and a side salad. Moreover, many Californians told me that the job market was great and that most jobs paid well over the $15 minimum wage. In fact while at dinner I met a nanny who was bringing in 100-K a year. California can fit anyone’s personality; From the rock star party legend, to the foodie, or the Chiller who just wants to sit back on the beach and watch the waves as he blows down a swisher full of Blue Diesel. However to really experience California in all its splendor I would advise one to rent a car upon their arrival. You can visit California all through the year and expect good weather because it’s only one season (summer).