Don't listen to what they say, go see...

There are travel groups for every interest and culture imaginable. Trips for couples, journeys for seniors, and child friendly resorts just to name a few. But what travel outlets are available for people of color who aren’t absorbed in a relationship, don’t want to wait until retirement age to travel, or who don’t have a suitable group of companions to travel with? Do they miss their opportunity to see the world? Or do they wait around for an opportunity or person to present its self?


Well the wait is over…

Black Travel Junkies is that opportunity! BTJ is calling all single people of color, ages 30-45 who have the desire to meet Black singles just like them while traveling the world, and indulging in adventure tourism or erotic luxury resorts. The world has evolved and people don’t connect how they use to. So it’s unfortunate that the crippling outdated blemishes of being black, single, or not married by 30 still have people believing that these men and women are underserving of a fulfilled life consumed with globe-trotting and pages of passport stamps. Today these false beliefs are very much alive and kicking. But they end here….

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The Vietnam Take Over!!!

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam